Hanging with Lynn….and Beth

This weekend was one of those times that you don’t realize you were  in desperate need of until it’s over.  Lynn, my sister-in-law and BFF took me with her to Charleston for the weekend.  Her church had an extra ticket for Beth Moore.  While I am not a Beth Moore groupie, she is my favorite Bible teacher. I was mostly excited about getting away from my family (just keepin’ it real) and laughing my head off as I always do with Lynn.  I was not disappointed on any level.

The six-hour drive to Charleston was hilarious. Have I ever told you that Lynn makes me laugh until I cry? She has a  quirky, raucous sense of humor that makes it hard to stay between the lines when you are driving down I-85. I tell her things I never tell anyone else and she makes my confessions seem so normal.  We are completely ourselves which is material for laughter and inside jokes for years to come……

……..Let’s just stop and gets some salads and bread sticks……

……..Are you ladies from Florida?……..

…….Should we eat at Marvin’s?….

It was a weekend of awesome worship.  Nobody inspires worship in a coliseum of capri wearing women like Travis Cottrell, and worship we did. We sang our little hearts out and like so many times before, I closed my eyes and for a moment imagined what heaven may be like, as the voices of thousands sing praise to our God, except He will be there, instead of a stage with lights, He will be  center stage……

The conference was from Genesis 32-33. Jacob meets Esau after 20 years right after wrestling with an angel all night. As always, this anointed woman brought it.  So many nuggets from that portion of Scripture like…….

……We cannot walk in our full spiritual birthright as part fraud.  I learned that I can’t expect God to pour out what is spiritually mine when I am not honest about where I am, and where I need to be, and what is keeping me from getting there. God hates fake.

……We’ve got to stop working people (manipulating to gain our way) and start working WITH people.  This spoke to me on many levels but mostly I learned what I detest in others is usually the part of them that is most like me.

…….It’s time to go face down, and face up. In other words, we want God’s healing without dealing with our sin.

….People of God cannot wrestle with people without wrestling with God. We aren’t fighting people. We fight the unseen. We fight to finally submit to God. We wrestle to gain understanding. Don’t stop until you have wrestled it through.

…..Our most crippling defeat can bring our greatest victory.  At this point I knew God was speaking to me, as He gently told me to release so many things I was struggling so hard to control and manipulate. I don’t care so much about being right as much as I want to know Him on a deeper level.

I’m going back to Charleston and running a race there. I love the beauty of it, the smell of the water and the sea oaks.  I loved laughing with my sweet Lynn and eating the best shrimp I’ve had in a long time. I loved letting God speak into my spirit, even if it was hard to hear what He had to say. I loved driving home this morning by myself and singing as loud as I could to my new Travis Cottrell CD and replaying # 13 about 10 times until I had the words memorized.

I loved coming home and cooking big lunch for The Mister.  Here’s to road trips and sister-in-law’s….Cheers!




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