The Mister and white oak lessons

If you are married to your complete opposite, you may find yourself traipsing through the woods on a beautiful summer afternoon, listening to him instruct you on all manner of virtues of the mighty white oak.  You may want to stop and look at sweet little purple flowers that mark the path, but there will be no time for that.  He will walk ahead, telling you how the ravine to your right will make hauling a deer nearly impossible……..

You will want to stop and explore a brilliant mushroom along the bed of the forest floor,

but he would rather explore the coyote prints and explain to you the nocturnal habits of these beasts and the chill that runs up and down your spine when you hear their lonesome warning cry as you sit in your stand.


You will want to stop and imagine the plantation  life of this Putnam County family from years before who lived and worked this land, buried their babies in this soil and lived and died in a time before cell phones had cameras, but he will begin a litany of buck in rut practices that leave you wondering should you gag or blush.

You will want to amble through the forest path holding hands and talking about hopes and dreams, he will ask you to keep your voice down so we don’t scare off his chances of seeing a turkey….or deer…or even a squirrel.  You will wonder to yourself if there is a possibility this can end with a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen, he will offer you fresh picked muscadines….


You will wonder why in the world you are drenched in sweat on a muggy August afternoon, but he will be glad his best girl spent the afternoon in his world.


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