Remember When?

Should you find yourself in the dreary day by day that can literally consume you with its mundane rhythm, sometimes it can be valuable to simply remember when.

When the partnering is reduced to  “your turn” or  “what’s for supper?”,  when the  drudgery of paying bills and picking up socks sours your spark of feeling loved…remember when…….you literally could feel your heart beat out of your chest when you heard his truck come up the drive. Remember the rush of first love that made you trace the outline of his face as he lay sleeping beside you. Remember the relief you felt when  he made it home. Remember the feeling that you’ll be just fine as long as he is with you.

When the woman-child replaces the sweet chubby face of a toddler and I-love- you’s are replaced with How-could-you’s, when there is no more room for compromise yet you are worlds apart……remember when….you counted piggies and snuggled under warm blankets making a “tent”. Remember nights when a small body curled up next to you, edging you nearly off the bed but you let her because she had a bad dream. Remember chubby fingers holding your cheeks as pink lips smacked yours firmly and an angel voice declared “You’re the best mama, me and you are friends.”

When the your spiritual life dwindles to a drudgery of one more thing I have to get done.  When cynicism replaces joy and you have thoughts of quitting….again…remember when…the very Voice of God spoke into your soul on your porch, with your coffee,  all alone. Remember when the excitement of knowing that God could actually work miracles made you bold to ask for anything? Remember when you thought failure was impossible? When you were astounded that He would let you tell someone about His love? Remember when you wondered, “Are you this good to everyone God, or am I your favorite?”

Don’t live in the past, but don’t be afraid to remember when. Sometimes we need to remember the reasons why we fell in love.  Sometimes we are better parents when we realize the treasure we have in the life we made with someone we loved. Sometimes when we recount the goodness of our Father, it rekindles our love and our faith.  Sometimes when we recite  His  great works in our life, it fills our hearts with  sure hope that He is able to do, well, anything. And sometimes when we take a few moments to remember when….. we realize that the depth of today is built on our yesterdays.



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