Gems from the Notebook

Many days between posts.  Mostly I am just way too busy these days to sit and blog. When I am home, I want to be present in my loves lives. So blogging for now has been put to the back burner.

I miss it, as it is a wonderful source of therapy to get out what is rolling around in my head.  So, ever so often, I find myself jotting a thought or two down on my little notebook. You know, the tattered notebook that stays in my front pocket of my purse, or in my lab jacket. All sorts of treasures exist in my notebook… daily calorie count….a random verse that I am supposed to be learning… email address…..the amount I spent at Blackbirds that I have promised to enter in my checkbook register before days in….a thought I hope to save. So many things throughout the day that I don’t want to lose in the forever ever land of busy life.

And just now as I sit and thumb through my notebook I see two very important thoughts that have rolled around in my mind the last few days and weeks. 

One thought was sent to me from a dear friend and I have pondered over it all week…. release your warped sense of responsibility.  One particular line has captured my thoughts and shaken its finger in my face:

Usually we feel responsible for many things which are somebody else’s business.  The result is that we have neither the time nor energy to take care of our own business. Our creed is this:

If someone has a need, I’ll meet it.

If a need doesn’t exist, I’ll find one, and then I’ll meet it.

If a small needs exists, I’ll make it a large one, then I’ll feel better when I meet it.

Even if nobody wants help, I’ll help anyway.

When I’ve helped, I’ve finally feel good about myself.


Pretty sick and acurate for many of us.

Second thought I read from about 4 days ago:

“Only expect the unexpected…throw all your other expectations into the ocean.”

When we expect a coworker, friend, daughter, spouse, acquaintance to act a certain way, and they don’t, it leaves us hurt, disappointed or angry.  The chance that everyone you come in contact with will speak, act or respond the way you want them to is ridiculous.  Why set yourself up for disappointment? Expect nothing, and you will be pleasantly surprised when things work out well…according to your definition.  It will save you the agony of reliving your disappointment when they don’t.


Buy a notebook, put it in your pocket, or purse or backpack and write it down. Write what down? Oh anything, and everything, and nothing at all. The days are too jammed packed to expect your poor brain to remember, and like me, you will find little treasures you had forgotten.



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