Lighten Your Load

There are things in life you are not meant to carry. When you insist on attempting to manage the extra weight  it is a recipe for disaster, or at the least and injury that can sideline you for a bit. 

Carrying burdens that are not yours can weigh you down and you will find that the slightest stress leaves you breathless.  What’s more, your added weight makes it difficult to manage what is really yours to carry. Suddenly, you find yourself exhausted, irritable, aching and sometimes bitter.

The answer? Lighten your load……

Lay down……

……the  determination to correct the wrongs in life, whether done to you, or someone you love. Some things will never be corrected…and that hurts, but what is exhausting is the insistence of carrying that everywhere you go.

……expectation that you will ever make everyone happy. Most don’t care about your well-being, they just want to make sure that you do “your part” so there is less for them to carry.  All of us, even those who carry God in our selves, are inherently selfish.  The ones who love you would rather have….you…uninterrupted, unhurried you.

………excuses for not accomplishing what you need, or even want to do. You can do it…if you wanted to. It may not look exactly like you had imagined, but you can carry out some variation, some beautiful likeness of what you want.

When these weights are left on the side of the road you will realize that you have time and energy for what counts. Lighten your load.


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