who’s keeping score?

Any marriage book on the shelves at Lifeway or Barnes and Nobles for that matter will warn you that “keeping score” is a deadly sin in marriage. Nothing quenches the fires of love like a tally of who has the most rights…or who has done the most wrongs.  I know….I’ve been a score keeper  at times in the last 20 years.

The Mister ever generous  and always patient, rarely, if ever tallies  a score card. I am thankful for that. He would find himself scoring a shut out most times. He usually, does more, says less, and is eternally more gentle with me than I am with him.

So tonight I thought it strange, yet wonderful that he “settled the score” with me.  After a weekend of intense math study, we both needed a break today. Decimals and fractions blurred our eyes. Formulas swirled in our brains and he declared he was ready for a break.  He packed me up and took me down to the lake where we dipped our toes in the warm waters of Sinclair and proceeded to float in the warm Sunday afternoon sunshine.  Just me and The Mister.  We laughed, and talked about everything….and nothing at all.  He let me have the big float and he pulled me back out to the deep water when I got too close to the dock.

Just before our noses crinkled too red from the sun, he brought me home and then let me pick where to go to supper.  He feigned excitement over El Chaparros because he knows it’s my favorite.  He listened to me and reassured me that everything, from our girls, to work, to God was going to turn out just fine.

He’s a terrible score keeper.  He repays me by a landslide every time.  I have no doubt that I owe him many times over and it’s hard to get ahead, but he likes it that way.  I  think he spoils me, but he says he’s just trying to even up the score.

I won’t tell him that no matter the score…..I’m the winner.


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