Rainy Runs

I want to sleep for another 15 minutes.   Willow’s cold nose nudges me out and up reminding me I have a short run scheduled this morning.  I lace up my shoes and trot down the driveway willing energy into my 43-year-old knees that remind me this morning they are not 20-year-old knees.  I think about the pot of coffee that will be waiting on me when I return and comfort myself with the fact that today is a short run.

A half mile into the run, I listen to the strains of Ricky Skaggs and his blue grass boys.  My knees are loosened up and a soft sprinkles hit my face.   At first, I think it is the left over droplets from last night’s storm making their way to the pavement from the oak leaves over my head.  I realize after I pass last nights puddle that fresh drops are rippling the surface and I look forward, to the edge of the trees, and see a zig zag pattern of white drops scatter down.  My sweat mixes with fresh rain and runs down and off my nose.  Running in the rain, is not my pleasure, especially on a hot muggy morning when I’d rather be snuggled up next to The Mister for 15 more minutes.

But this morning, instead of running faster and harder to make it home, I slow it down and jog…and then walk.

Instead of covering my head with my hands, I lift them up and feel the rain soak me….down to my shoes….I won’t think about how hard it will be to dry them out before my next run.

Instead of listening to Ricky Skaggs finish the ballad of love gone wrong, I take out my earphones and listen to the rain fall and some distant thunder roll across the lake.  Birds tell me this shower won’t last long, it’s just passing through.

Instead sprinting to the next mailbox, I enjoy the feel of the walk in my legs that still ache from Sunday’s long run.  Rainy morning runs are not for pushing or enduring….they are simply for making you feel alive.

On days like today, they are for reminding you that rain brings promises of something better…just  up ahead….around the bend of the road…..

and if you try to run too fast you may miss it……


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