Shantal’s Great Reward

My beautiful college baby, Shantal, recently posted this on Facebook. She’s a deep girl. I’m lucky to have shared Friday morning coffee’s with her well over a year. I learned alot and when I read this, I realized I missed her….alot.

There was a time when I did not know God and I had no desire to, but in spite of that, His Love pursued me and He changed my whole life. He has given me every good thing, above and beyond even the best of what I could have asked for. And today, I will again commit my life to Jesus and the things that He has for me, and each time I do, it gets sweeter and sweeter. He really is our Great Reward

I sat and thought for a while about what she had written. He is the Great Reward. I am most satisfied when I am most aware of this fact.

Thanks Shantal, and when you stop by Milly in all your world-wide travels, lets hit up Blackbirds and talk . Keep thinking deep thoughts about Your Great Reward, He is so worth the time and effort.


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