arrogance, vacations and long runs

This week a dear friend of mine took me to lunch….and then took me to task.   In the way only a close dear friend can do, she pointed out some ugly baggage that I have carried.  The problem with arrogance, is that if you are arrogant or at least act arrogantly,  much like the log in your own eye, it’s difficult to see.  It has made me stop and think alot this week……

What actions cause others to view you as arrogant?

If perception is reality, does your intent matter?  Is it irrelevant what you mean, if others perceptions only see self-righteous? Am I responsible for how I am perceived?  Is it true that it’s not so much WHAT you say as much as HOW you say it?

It’s good to get criticism. It’s good to ponder it, to apply change where it’s needed. Mostly, it good to get your answer from God through actual spoken words….even if they sting a little.


Vacation is on my mind, we are leaving today for Destin.  After a tumultuous spring, I am ready for some uninterrupted time with The Mister, Big Girl and Baby Girl, a solid week just the four of us. It’s been over two years since we have had a family vacation. I have a conference, but I’m sure there will be some time for sitting by the ocean, reading my book, getting a little burned, and at some point dining on raw oysters with The Mister.(I’m leaving John Piper at home. All I have packed is worthless summer romance reads) I fully intend on letting my brain turn to mush, and enjoying the last week of eating before Isogenix begins.


Yesterday was my first long run in a long time. I love you Leah Barbee for keeping me accountable through 8 long miles. It’s a love/hate relationship with the long run.  I have discovered Marathon Training Academy podcasts.  As if I could ever tire of Mark Driscoll sermons, I have an alternative if I don’t feel like getting yelled at.  The last hill was a killer, but I reminded myself that a 4:30 isn’t free.


And so you see my week in a nutshell……..

Perhaps between fruity drinks, ocean waves and shrimp po’boys I will post this week. I promise at least a picture of Big Girl and Baby girl  waveboarding.


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