knitting notes

Please allow me a moment to relish all things knitting…….

The quality of your yarn is directly related to the beauty of the finished product.  I am forever ruined. After 3 years of knitting mostly with worsted wool, the $2.99 Walmart version, I am blown away by the beauty of this sweater that I am knitting with *gulp* handspun superwash merino wool.  y’all I’m not that accomplished of a knitter for this summer sweater to look this good. It’s gotta be the yarn.  Goodbye Wal-Mart yarn, nice knowing’ you…I’m bound for bigger and better things. The way I figure it, I can afford about two projects a year using high-end yarn. I can always fill in with wash cloths……..


Hand knit cotton wash cloths are superior to store-bought washcoths IN.EVERY.WAY! From washing your cast iron skillet to your hiney (not with the same cloth please!) Handknit washcloth hold more suds and provide  superior scrubbing power with the deep pockets formed from purl stitches.


I just discovered continental stitch last night. I love it! I keep thinking I am doing something wrong because it is so fast. I figure I can cut down project time by a third by using continental stitch not to mention less fatigue from throwing stitches with the English version.


Just some knitting notes…….

What’s on your needles?…….


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