Here’s how we do the 4th

I love it when Lynn comes down. She’s The Mister sister ( I’m smiling at my rhyming talents) but she is really my sister.  She and Craig came to spend the 4th with us.  When she comes down, I know we are going to laugh, sleep late,  talk about the kids, pick on the boys (our affectionate name for The Mister and Uncle C) and laugh some more.

We slept in, all the way to 8am and then watched Andy Griffith  while the boys cooked breakfast.  Seems fitting to me to celebrate an all American hero on the 4th. The Mister wowed us with his impeccable recall of most of the lines of every episode…….but he forgets what I need him to get for me at the store. Not sure I understand that.  He’s off the hook for that because he took us to the lake all morning and we floated for an hour or so. Long enough to talk about the goings on of our lives. Sometimes she has more drama, sometimes I do, and some days like today, we are about equal.

Food on the 4th is usually spectacular and today was no exception.  The boys cooked all afternoon long. First they made us appetizers of jalapeno poppers and ribs.  The real meal was shish k bobs which brought the two living zombies from their bedrooms at ungodly hour of 2pm. I guess they were celebrating the freedom of sleeping in after being up all night.

Tonight on my run I thought about how wonderful family is.  I thought about how sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the full understanding of freedom when that is all you have ever known. I thought about how hard it is going to me for me to break my sugar addiction.  I thought about how great I feel when I listen to JT sing as I climb the last hill.  I thought about walking down the driveway with The Mister and Baby Girl tonight to watch fireworks………

……and that is how we do the 4th.


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