a good goodbye

I have never been very good at goodbyes. Who is? And it seems as if I have been doing alot of goodbyes lately. 

Last  night, we went out with friends who will be leaving soon. Instead of feeling sad or nostalgic, I just chose to stay in denial mode. I acted as if this was just another fun night out together, like we’ve done a million times before.

The truth is, they will be just up the road. The truth is, it will not be the same.   Other friends are moving so far away, I will seldom see them. Some  goodbyes have been to people who live right up the road, but have moved out of my life.

Last night I told The Mister as I snuggled up to him, ” I’m not going to make any friends, lets just live the rest of out lives just me and you, that way it won’t hurt.”

He smiled and patted me, “Ok Baby, that sounds like a good plan to me.” He agrees only because he knows that is impossible for me. He knows that pain is talking, not me. He knows that goodbye hurts because the good times have been so good. And he knows that he is the best friend I’ve ever had, and he has no plans of going anywhere.  I should be fine as long as he hangs around.


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