How can I pray for you?

I pray for my patients. Sometimes while they are talking to me I am praying, “Oh Lord, tell me what in the world they are talking about.” He usually does. Sometimes I pray for them at 2am when I wake up and realize I forgot something or wonder if they made it to the ER, or the medication I ordered gave them a reaction.

Sometimes I ask them if I can pray with them right then. I have never had a patient refuse. Most of the time their eyes fill with tears and they death grip my arm as we pray for their health, or their husband who keeps beating the daylights out of them. Sometimes we pray they can keep their lights on or maybe for God to help them have enough money for groceries and medicine.

Tonight, as a patient was leaving my office, he turned at looked at me. He thanked me for listening to him and then he said, “I’m gonna pray for you.” I was stunned. In all these years I’ve never had  a patient tell me that. I felt tears stinging my eyes. If he only knew. I was so tired tonight.

All the way home I thought about that man. I thought about how it made me feel not to ask for prayer, but to be prayed over. Humbling. Overwhelming. I thought of the people that I love with their lives in total upheaval, sick children, recent moves, lost jobs and some things I have no idea about.

It makes a difference to know someone cares enough to pray. I decided to take a walk, and talk to God about things He already knows and already has planned before the foundations of the world. I don’t think I change His plan as much as He changes mine. He reminds us of His love and His overarching plan. When  we pray for each other we remind each other that we are in this thing called life together.

When His children love each other it makes a Father happy.


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