Lessons on a Wednesday

Today was a Wednesday for lessons. Some I had learned before but just forgot. Others, new to me.

1.Bigger is not better….at least not where blueberries are  concerned.  My big fat blueberries from Kroger were not nearly as sweet as the small round handpicked ones from Leah’s neighbor on my oatmeal this morning.

2. You don’t cry because you are weak, you cry because you’ve been strong for too long.  At the risk of sounding cliché, or at least like a pinterest board, this lesson bears repeating. I listened to one of the strongest women I know have a mini breakdown. She could not understand why or where it came from. Strength comes through pain and tears. Real life sucks, but makes us stronger.  Embrace the pain, it makes you who you are.

3.When your girls grow up, you can still sneak in the bedroom and watch them sleep.  Your girls grow up and they don’t let you hold and rock them anymore. They lock themselves away in their room, watching Netflix and talking to friends on Facebook.  But once in a while, early in the morning, before I head out to run, I sneak in their room and touch their their sweet little cheeks. I brush their hair back and lean down and kiss their sweet faces. They sigh and turn over and I smile. I tickle their feet as I head out the door.  You are always a mama and they are always your Big Girl and Baby Girl.

4.If you listen to your patients, really listen, they will tell you exactly what is wrong with them. True confession: sometimes my mind can drift and I do not pay close attention. When I zone back in I catch the tail end and it takes me a while to put the pieces together.  Tonight I listened so intently I could see their mouth form every word. It was easy. I nailed every diagnosis before they finished.

5.When you are not consistent with running, your quads will tell you about it the next day. Please pass the ibuprofen.

6.God removes toxic people from your life because they are simply not good for you. Don’t fight it, embrace it and then enjoy the life-giving people He has placed next to you.

7. Pandora will never play two songs you love in a row. I don’t understand the point of the Justin Timberlake channel if I am forced to listen to Nelly.

8.24 hours. You can’t squeeze more into it. You never get them back. You can waste them or invest them. Sometimes investing may seem like wasting, but it never is. Stop doing and just BE.

And that friends is enough lessons for one Wednesday. I am going to bed because if there is one lesson I’ve learned it’s this:

If I don’t get to sleep before The Mister, the snoring will keep me up forever.


2 thoughts on “Lessons on a Wednesday

  1. Awwwww number 6, that one is mine. A lesson I am learning/struggling with. Sometimes people who were good for you…something happens, something changes and they become toxic and there is nothing you can do about it, except grieve for the loss of a dear friendship, let them go and pray, pray, pray. It totally sucks, it is NOT fair, but it is not your fault. That is my lesson.

  2. Kelly,
    Yep. If you are like me, you miss what was more than what it became. I remember clearly God saying, ” Ok enough of this, let it go.” When I stopped crying, I saw that I was surrounded buy some pretty spectacular people. What God removes, He improves 🙂

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