I’ll think about that tomorrow

Scarlett O’Hara uttered these famous words in one of my all time favorites, “Gone With the Wind.”

Not a bad idea, Scarlett. While modern psychiatry calls it denial, or repression, I think she had a valid point.  As I sit here this afternoon, and ponder many things, I realize that I don’t have to think on everything that pops in my mind. No, I can file them away until tomorrow.

Why ruin a perfectly good afternoon with worrisome thoughts? Today I will think about…..

….the chocolate pie with homemade meringue that I just pulled from the oven. The Mister will grin from ear to ear when he sees it in an hour or so.

……how soft my doggy’s sweet ears are as she snoozes in my lap. She glances up at me with her drowsy eyes and sighs contentedly….

……marathon training. It’s right around the corner. I am thinking about long runs with Leah and Tina and Cason. I’m thinking about Savannah in 4:30.

…….vacation. The four of us. Together at the beach. I can hardly wait.

……..three perfectly red tomatoes off the vine. Everytime I see them I smile at my attempts at gardening. Not bad. Tonight I will celebrate my efforts with a BLT.

There are lots of things I could spend the afternoon thinking about. Things that could make me worry or tired. I could think about the what if’s or could be’s. But why ruin a beautiful afternoon?

I’ll think about that tomorrow. 



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One response to “I’ll think about that tomorrow

  1. Cindy Woolard

    Always love your writing! Helps me put things in perspective 🙂 Love you. . Pray your week is great!!

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