In and Outs, Ups and Downs

Life is not static.  Thinking circumstances should stay exactly as we leave them, we return the next day to find things upside down, sideways, backwards, sometimes lost……and to our sweet surprise….sometimes found……

…..a stronger love for the same man……So familiar to me, I know every crease in his hand. I have memorized every detail of his eyes. Change in our lives reveal new and strong ways in him that take me by surprise.  I decide that there is more to this man to love, to discover, to learn.  Love him more than now?  I don’t think that it’s possible, but time and change will teach me to……it  causes the roots of love to sink even deeper.

…..a new appreciation for my girls, so different, so alike.  I see them in a new light, as they leave childhood and make their way into grown women. I  see them become women unlike I had expected….better…more beautiful…deeper…wiser….and this brought about by changing events that I cannot control.

……an awareness that I am not finished. In some ways I am just beginning.  Change thrusts me into the unknown and I am forced to expand my mind and learn.  Like the thrill of realizing I am swimming not sinking, I lunge forward into a new method of the ancient craft of my beloved nursing, and I find myself up late…reading…learning new ways…new names…new methods.

……Life is not static. While God is faithful and unchanging, little else in this life is…..the beauty in change is found at the end of the full circle. What we thought was lost or askew reveals the bigger gain. We are the wiser for it. At the end we may resemble who we were but we are not the same. Just as life is not static neither are we.  We change and grow, or we resist and deteriorate.


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  1. Steven Seiberg

    very nice perspective!;)

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