Livin’on Mountain Time

The North Georgia Mountains are perhaps the most beautiful place on earth.  Time slows down. No watches, instead, time is judged more by  whether you are ready to go find a BBQ sandwich, or if there is still enough light to take a walk in the woods.

One day, when I’m done working, and The Mister gets tired of the rat race we will head up to those mountains and find a cabin by the river. Our days will be measured by the fish we catch, the fires we build, and the walks we take down the mountain path. We aim to hike a good portion of the Appalachian Trail. I want to run a marathon in the mountains, and The Mister, well, all he ever wants to do is fish…and eat BBQ sandwiches.

We plan to do this mountain living between our mission trips to Africa, or Costa Rica, or Brazil………

Today we make our way up to our favorite place. We stop, breath in deep and slow down. Cell phones off, and take time to be….not do.  Everyone needs a time to stop, fill up a much too empty fuel tank and remember that life is short and whatever season you find yourself in will never last forever.



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