Java ministry

God has called me into the ministry of coffee. I’m serious.  There are very few things I don’t joke about and coffee is one of them. I never knew as a young bleary eyed nurse on night shift, sipping a hot cup of joe while bringing babies into the world, that I would one day call this ministry.

Through the years I have found that  God does alot of work over a cup of coffee. This morning I met a friend for coffee and we did alot of praise and worship over our steamy mugs, well actually she had iced coffee( I see I may have some intense ministry over her).  And as we talked, God just came and sat with us. He was there. In a coffee shop. He listened as we talked about our babies. He smiled when we talked about seeing His hand in their lives, and trusting Him when we didn’t.  We lost track of time, and realized it was late, but stopped to pray.  As we invited Him to do something amazing in the lives of our babies, He drew near, not to hear our whispered prayer, but to huddle with us. He put His arms around us and drew us close. He whispered in our ears, “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.”

Coffee ministry is a ministry of listening and caring and crying. I have received and given lots of love over coffee. Coffee shops have been the meeting place for college girls learning how to be wives, for moms learning to let go of children. I have seen new ministries birthed from an idea into nuts and bolts of real movement.  Doctrinal truths explained and erring ideas corrected, while sipping on vanilla bean brew. 

Coffee ministry is not for the weak of heart. It means you stop, sit and focus. It means investing in lives, and letting yourself be transparent.

I hope my life is never too busy for a cup of coffee with a friend. I would miss so much.


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