Everything is gonna be fine

This is the Mister’s favorite phrase. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard him say this………

He is an eternal optimist, or lives in complete denial, I’m not quite sure which.  On any given day, whether we are faced with burnt toast, or the prospect of nuclear war…”it’s gonna be fine.”

Some days it makes me want to knock his head off, usually when he prefaces that remark with …” Baby, you need to calm down…”.  I am usually in the middle of a full-fledged meltdown when he chooses to whip out this anxiety deflating statement and I realize that it is futile to attempt to bring him along into my state of near panic.

Other days, like the days I’ve had lately, it’s the calming reassurance that I need. Last night as we walked down the road on our after dinner walk, we talked about everything…and nothing…and contemplated different scenarios in our crazy, far from calm life.  Like a warm breeze, his go-to answer sent my anxieties wafting away.

Sometimes I need to hear “Everything is gonna be fine.”  Even if he has no idea how things are going to turn out…it will all be fine.  So as the sun decided to set over the lake and our shadows stretched out in front of us, I let my mind believe that his words carried truth and not just a pat answer to calm a quick to become hysterical wife. 

“How do you know it’s gonna all be fine?” I asked as I slip my hand into his.

” I just know, I know God is gonna take care of us, He always does.” he answers.

I didn’t want to knock his head off. No, tonight I whispered a “thank you” for this gift of The Mister, with his calming outlook on life. And hand in hand we walk back to the house, to feast on blueberry muffins, his favorite. He handpicked the blueberries this afternoon himself.  I smile, after all,  everything will be fine.

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