that’s good eatin’

Today my friend took me to lunch. Just like that, out of the blue, called me and we met up for lunch.  She knows I had a rough week so we talked about my life….and her life….and God….and babies….and marathons…..and husbands….and church.

We ate good ole’ Savory Salads that  no one but The Brick makes and we splurged on sweet potato fries.  She bought my lunch even after we argued with the waitress about one check or two. I let her finally….and it felt good to have someone do something so sweet for me.

It was a wonderful afternoon. We left the restaurant and each went to enjoy her  afternoon. And then I saw this, a text she sent me yesterday, but I didn’t see until just then:

I missed you today! I will pray for you…….Came across this verse a while ago and thought I would share it with ya…Psalms 32:8. Love you!

And just like that, her words and His WORDS fed me.  It was as sweet as dessert.  Right there, in my car, I looked up that verse on my Bible app. I cried. It was good for my soul to read these words:

I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Ps. 32:8

Thanks for lunch Leah, but dessert was the best part of my day! Love you too!


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