sweet summer night

I turn off the porch light. No need to ask the mosquitos to come and feast on our arms and legs.  The last stands of daylight burn a fiery red and orange along purple clouds that disappear into the inky night sky. I’d say in another good fifteen minutes we will sit in darkness.

As if on cue, the lightning bugs begin to flash. Slowly at first and only in the distant woodline, but now pops of electric yellow and white flash around us.  I secretly wish for a mason jar with a hole punched lid to scoop them up.

I hear Willow barking across the field. She is no doubt  showing off with commands to the indifferent horses in the field just over the fence. They stamp and flick their tails at her to shoo her offand she bounces back yapping her fiery temper filled commands at them. They ignore her, the nuisance she is. Ginger sits close by my side on the step. Not nearly so brave and suffering from poor vision, she  won’t tempt fate with what lies out in the far reaches of the dark yard. she is scared to go to close to the woods. She’ll stay close to mama and  meanders over to the cucumbers that now swirl all over the stakes in green loops and curls. She snaps off a yellow flower and munches. I frown and fuss. No wonder there are no cucumbers this year and I worried about the deer.

The thick cloud cover from the last week keeps the stars hidden. The whippoorwill begins her nightsongs. I rest my head against the porch rail and listen to her sing. She will begin her night feeding soon and take care of those baby birds that have hatched and are nagging her for supper.  The crickets produce and almost deafening chorus and for a few moments I am lost in the song of summer.

The crickets wax and wane in their music and with the last stream of light I see the silhouette of a bat swooping up and over the field, beginning their night-time dance. I smile silently thanking them for doing their part to control the swarms of mosquitoes that in just another month will make it impossible to enjoy a summer night like this, on the porch.

The cares of the day that came to an end just a little over an hour ago melt away as I listen to this summer serenade. I breathe deep and as I inhale the delicate gardenia that are almost done blooming, I savor that sweet smell. I exhale all my worries and let the warm fatigue wash over me. I’m tired, but this, this is rest.  A summer night, a soft song of creation makes it nearly impossible to worry, or hurry. I will soak it in like a hot bath. It washes away the cares of the day, a sweet summer night.


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