Where do we go, Oh where do we go?

Thanks to Amazon’s push to entertain the 40+ generation, I downloaded for free an old favorite from my past….Guns N Roses album…Greatest Hits. I find that it helps to energize the last half mile of my runs when I am most wanting to slow to a walk. Somehow the nasal screaming voice of Axl Rose pushes my desire to finish and I’m done.

It’s no surprise that “Sweet Child of Mine” has been rolling around in my head, particularly the line….”Where do we go, Where do we go now?  Were do we  go  from here?” And while Axl is asking this question of the sweet girl who is walking out on their most likely philandering and drug addicted dysfunctional relationship, that same question has rolled off my tongue as of late….

Where do we go?

When you seem to be at a dead-end and you have exhausted all your physical reserves….

Where do we go now?

When the road in front of you seems to have no end, and these running shoes are wearing thin in the soles.  You are starting to feel the rocks on the road. Is there an easier path somewhere? anywhere?

Oh sweet child of mine… where do we go?

When you are staring in the mirror wondering if you are the crazy one, or everyone else has gone mad?

Where do we go?

It comes down to quitting or starting over or maybe just taking the next step.  Is there room for a new path?

Where do we go now?

Does it have to be the same every time? Can we muster up courage to wield our machete and cut though the tall grass to a new path?

Oh sweet child of mine?

Is it worth the effort to seek a new way, leaving the comfort of what I know for what could be?

Where do we go?

I’ll tell you where we go Mr. Rose, we go forward, one step at a time.  I may pause and rest for a moment, take  a breather, reorganize, refocus but we both know I can never quit.

So Axl, my friend, you may look in her eyes and probably break down and cry, but I have no time for tears.  You may be hiding, waiting for the rain and thunder to pass you by, but not me.

I’m moving forward, into the hard path, the new uncut path. That’s where I’m going.  No looking back, no what-if’s or could-have-been. Time to get up and put one foot in front of the other. To quit is to die.

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