Hey friend

I am an unapologetic people person.  If left alone for too long, I will talk to the dogs (OK bad example, I do that all the time) or worse, myself.  I can strike up a conversation with most anyone. If I get so much as a nod or eye contact, I consider that permission to delve into the deep parts of your soul including your past medical history, birth order and psychological makeup.

Despite my friendliness, I think there are very few people in this life that are true friends. Wayne, of course, is my dearest friend.  That dear man is my other…better…half. My soul mate. He knows everything there is to know about me and somehow has stuck around for twenty years.

I am blessed to have a few friends in this life.  I hear you…”Stephanie, you have so many friends.”  No, I have many, many acquaintances. I have some people who benefit from that acquaintance and I from them. More of a mutual benefit.  I have people I worship with. Others I work with. Lots of people who share similar interests. But friends? Real friends? Only a few.

And you, if you were honest, would agree that by the truest definition you have had only a few in this life. Sadder still, maybe we’ve only been true friends to a handful in this life.

Because a true friend, a real friend, a God friend……

…..sticks close by your side, when the chips are down, when I’m not at all that loveable. When maybe I even hurt you with what I say, or how I act, you quietly keep walking right by my side.  See, true friends don’t need a break or time away.  They just love through it all.  Love covers a multitude of sins. Many walk away finding the strain of life too  uncomfortable, very few sit quietly by your side and are just there.

…….doesn’t want to change me. The greatest friends I have let me be me. Friends don’t always agree or even like everything about each other, but that is what makes the dynamics work. Who wants a carbon copy of themselves? Not me. My dearest friends have been the most different from me. The dearest friends I know love it when we don’t see eye to eye, but we can laugh through it all and know what is ‘off limits’.

……keeps pointing me to God. She reads my eyes and sees the discouragement. She can interpret the off-hand comment and hear the hurt. She doesn’t reprimand me or scold, just loves me. Takes me by the hand and walks with me on the path back to God.  Points me to where true comfort lies.  She gently tells me when I am full of anger or hurt or sin, and doesn’t condemn, but confronts. Honest. Truth wrapped in love.

There are only a few, some say just a handful in a lifetime. A treasure. A friend. If you have a gift such as this, get on your knees and thank the Father, because you are probably as difficult to love as I am.  In time, I have learned I don’t need lots of friends, just true ones.


One thought on “Hey friend

  1. Your right. My daddy always said when you grow up you will be able to count on one hand the number of true friends you will have and that’s plenty.

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