Paralyzed by fear

Last night about 3 AM Wayne woke up to Jack meowing. Since the windows were open he assumed Jack had been left out last night, and went to go let him in. No cat. But definitly a meow.  In the tree. Way up in the tree.

This morning he was still there. He is out on a limb, seemingly paralyzed by fear. Something scary chased him up there, I have my suspicions it was Willow the bad dog, and he seems to have forgotten his way down. And so he sits on the limb, forlornly crying.  He wishes he could come down, but he is too scared he will fall. He is unsure of the footing and he doubts his superior tree climbing skills when he sees the forty feet below. It’s a long.way.down.

When I came back from my evening run, he was still there. I sweet talked him, encouraging him with food. I reminded him that he was Jack the Brave Cat. He’s not buying it.  Looks like Jared will be climbing up a tree in the morning to bring him down to safety. 

I’ve been there….out on a limb….way up high….no way down…crying…wishing someone would come rescue me.  I have been paralyzed by fear. I have forgotten the way back down.  I am awful glad there was Someone to rescue me.  I’m glad that He hears  me when I cry and He does more than call out encouragements. He climbs up where I am and rescues me.


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