Three Little Princess Warriors

Once upon a time there were three little princess warriors who decided there was nothing they could not do.  They decided they were strong enough, and determined enough and tough enough to run a race, a really long race.  So they trained and trained hard. Some days they didn’t feel like it, and other days it rained, or was too hot or too cold, but they ran anyway.

Finally the day came, and with great anticipation, they pinned on their numbers, laced up their shoes and donned their tutus ( I told you they are PRINCESS warriors!)  Off they ran with a blow of a loud whistle. And they ran long and hard.  They remembered that they were tough girls. By the half way point they were so tired, but they ran on. By mile 9, they chanted to themselves they reasons why they could not quit, and by mile 12 they knew they were invincible.

In the end, they proved to themselves that all the training was worth it.  They knew as they were stonger than they thought. They knew that their friend would now nag them endlessly to run a full….and that eventually she will talk them into it.

Mostly they knew that when you are a princess warrior, there’s nothing you can’t do!


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