Eye of the storm

Weeks  like this, I have the same sentence prayer I whisper on and off a hundred times…..”Lord don’t let me lose it.”

Somehow we can find ourselves in the middle of the whirlwind holding the doorpost as our legs fly out from underneath us and our skirt flaps the hurricane force winds.  Our faces are distorted in these winds and it contorts us to cartoon characters.  The winds of sickness…sometimes death. The winds of deadlines…..sometimes impatience. The winds of uncertainty……sometimes flat out anxiety.

And somehow through the deafening storm He hears our whispered prayer, or even better, the Great Intercessor speaks loudly for us, “I think she may be at the limit, I won’t allow any more.” And the storm softness. My feet find their standing on the solid porch, and my face relaxes as I get my bearings about me.

I look and see, that the storm is not over. I can see a great wall of chaos all around me.  Circling, circling, I can see less than perfect circumstances. I see pain, fear and anger.  And I realize that none of it touches me, for I am in the eye of the storm.  Nothing has changed, except my perception.  I still can see destruction, but I am safe. How long I am at calm I do not know, but it is a divinely sent “breather” so that I can prepare for the next onslaught of wind. So today I will walk in the eye and marvel at the chaos around me. Even a storm is beautiful when you are in the eye.


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