To my other mother

I thought about you this morning. In fact, as we drove down the road on our way to church I looked at your son, and a thousand stories went through my mind.  It seems strange that the two women in this world who know him better than anyone, and the two he loves most dearly have never met.   I thought about how strange that seems since I feel like I know you well. I guess you probably know me better than I think.

I told him this morning, “Baby, I’m sorry your Mama’s not here today.” He patted my hand and said, “Me too.” I knew not to say anyone more. After all these years, it’s not any easier for him to talk about you in a sad way. No, he talks about you in a thousand funny stories and that many more wonderful memories. And that is why I know you so well.

You did such a good job with your son. Sixteen years is way too short, but long enough to teach him how to love. He loves us, me and the girls, with every bit of himself. That came from you, from your love poured out into him. So thank you for that.  I owe you alot.

They say a mother and son bond is special. I guess I will have to take their word for it.  To hear your girls tell it, you and him were thick as thieves.  Sometimes I wonder if you would have loved me as much. Would we have laughed and rolled our eyes over his teasing? Would I have been your daughter-in-love? I think so.

Happy Mothers Day, Ms. Betty.  Today I tell you thanks for the gift of a wonderful man. I never met you, but I love you just the same. You, sweet lady, were a wonderful mother.


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