Mind Control

My friend, Tom Hollowood  is  pastor in Michigan and writes a superb blog. You would enjoy his  take on the Bible here at ThinkOutLoud.  About a week ago, he wrote a post on my favorite passage of Scripture: Romans 8.  I had, at one time,committed it to memory, but I realized I had forgotten the sweetness of that passage.

This month of May seems like the perfect time to pick up that passage, dust it off, and bring it to the forefront of my mind.

Today found me in verse 6  “…….but letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.” (NLT)

Simply put, it’s all about mind control.  If the flesh is controlling my mind the end road is death. Pretty drastic, but I’ve seen the death of dreams and hopes and plans, the death of relationships and fresh possibilities die a tragic death all from the result of thinking in the flesh.

So today, this morning, wrapped in “Fleecy” and sipping hot coffee, I think about “LETTING the Spirit control my mind” and how it leads to life and peace. Here is a snapshot of my journal page for today, exactly the way the Spirit whispered it into my heart:

1) LET the Spirit:  Spirit mind control happens as a result of my allowing,  my “letting” the Spirit control my mind. The idea here is an active participation in allowing the Spirit to control my thoughts, my focus, my attitudes, prejudices, preconceived ideas, judgements. He has permission to wander through my mind, and throw away rotten beams that support confusion and fearful thinking.  He can demolish strongholds of prejudices and  long-held  false unscriptural ideas……this is going to hurt, I can tell already.  I openly and actively invite Him to come control my thoughts this day.  Arrest my mind and completely infuse Yourself in all my conscious thoughts.  A little more than just “Help me to walk with You today”  but rather…”Come be the all-encompassing thought, be the in all through all over all of my mind today.”

 When the Spirit controls my thinking, my thoughts produce: Life and Peace.  OK- so here is the connection: What is going on inside my head is the  catalyst for what is produced in my thinking…life and peace.

2) Life and Peace: Life…..what can my mind conceive and give birth to when the Spirit controls?  Life giving…I would love for my mind to be  a wellspring of fresh, life-giving thoughts like….With God all things are possible…God wants me to minister to that person……I am blessed and so thankful….What can I do today for you?…..Where do you want me to make and impact God?

Peace drenched thoughts:  God, I trust you…..You have control……There is nothing in my life that You do not see and give me grace to do……As a child of God, I will choose to rest in your care….You are enough…..You are all I need….Your plans for me are for a future that glorifies You.

Romans 8:6. Enough Scripture to fill my waking thoughts for the next two weeks….or more….Spirit thinking….life….peace.


One thought on “Mind Control

  1. Awesome thought! But maybe I’m just so new at this that it is all just wonderfully exciting, but so far the demolishing of strongholds and the renewing of the mind doesn’t hurt at all. Being in a state of confusion because I mistook those strongholds for truth was very painful and had a rippling effect out to others. Many stongholds are gone, my eyes are beginning to see. The Spirit speaks thru the word in such magnificent ways I wonder how I missed it all these years. Instead of struggling dutifully thru a chapter, I’m wondering how many books I can fit in before it is time to “start the day.” Both in my athletic life and my spiritual life I am finding that “no pain no gain” is a sham. Its a way to explain away bad technique. For me its more like, no pain no pain. I’m a child of the king!

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