It’s the little things

Today in the middle of Andy’s sermon he said something that made me stop twittering, lay my Bible app down and lean forward. I zoned completely in on what he was saying. Truth be told, it was a passing phrase in the sermon, not one of the main points at all.  If it had not been meant for you, you probably did not even catch it. But it was meant for me. God took that one sentence and wrapped it in an arrow that made its way straight to my heart.

“We do OK with the big things. It’s the little things that trip us up. Here’s the secret…keep walking in the Spirit in the little things, and the big things will be taken care of.”

There were lots of other things he said that  were good, I even wrote a couple of things down, OK I tweeted them, but my mind never really left that passing phrase.

You see, I’m all about the big things. I love the earth moving moments. I worry about the life changing decisions and all the while God has it handled.  All he asks me to do is follow closely behind Him, put my foot right behind Him, inside His footprint and be faithful in the little things.

Silly humans that we are, we worry more about  which car to buy than spending time with our child. We worry more about where we will worship than speaking to Him, directly to Him, in those moments of worship.  We worry more about where we will be in 5 years, than how we spend this afternoon.

Perhaps I overestimate tomorrow. I’ll have plenty of time to do that tomorrow. I have another chance to call her, to make things right with that person….tomorrow.

God whispers into my spirit on a Sunday morning…..”Follow me Stephanie, so close that if I suddenly stop you will run smack into Me.  The closer you look into My face the less you will care about the big things, for they will be taken care of for you. And truth be known, you will find so much joy in My presence, that the circumstances are of little consequence.”

Thanks Andy, a good word, spoken in the perfect season. Now I have some little things I need to go do…they can’t wait.


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