When It’s Your Birthday

When it’s your birthday, it’s YOUR day, well yours and your sister’s…. but that’s OK. When you are as beautiful as we are, it’s nice to be able to share all the overwhelming attention.


When it’s your birthday, your friends bring you all sorts of birthday gifts.  We are so highly intelligent we actually know what the books say, but our aunts and grandmas are so cute reading in those squeaky baby voices, we just let them. It makes them happy.


When it’s your birthday, everyone comes for the celebration, even our Mema. Papa and Aunt Steph. Thank goodness they brought our cousin Ginny. She’s the only one that has any sense. 


When it’s your birthday, your mom makes your favorite cake, and although you would much rather use a fork, you play along and squish it between your fingers, just to make the big people laugh. and the sugar high….worth the dirty fingers!


When it’s your birthday, your grandmamma gets you the most awesome playhouse ever.  My sister is going to have to be the baby first, because I already called dibs on being the mama, and besides,  she owes me for eating all her carrots for her yesterday.


When It’s your birthday, the best part is seeing Aunt Steph. She is the best snuggler after a nice long birthday nap. We love her so much, and she’s our favorite, but don’t tell the other ones. 


When it’s your birthday,  so you are happy. It is a perfect day. And in the morning you will be ready to do it all over again!


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