Three moments on an ordinary Friday

Do not forget in all your rush to get to the weekend that you overlook the value of three moments on a ordinary Friday…….

breakfast and Bible with  sweet friend. Usually she and I go through and dissect a piece of Scripture. Munching on biscuits, and sipping our sweet teas and Diet Cokes we talk about what God has done all week in our life. Today, she listens and I talk, and cry and explode all over the table at Chick-Fil-A.  It’s a God moment on an ordinary Friday.

dinner with our dearest friends. We talk about the old days, we talk about how the best is yet to come. we laugh,I cry, (again). We reassure each other that this rare type of friendship such as ours is a treasure that cannot be lessened through distance, or time. It’s a God moment on an ordinary Friday.

a talk with my soon-to-be-19yr. old. Not a “how’s school?” “did you do your laundry?” talk. A deeper talk where I see glimpses of a woman instead of a little girl. I see a soft happy smiling woman. I don’t talk…much. Listening to her tell me about a nothing-short-of-a-miracle-moment today makes tears come to my eyes. I will them not to spill so I do not ruin this moment. I have prayed for this moment and in that moment God whispers, “I heard you, and I love her.” It’s a God moment on an ordinary Friday.


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