Don’t you dare look back

Lot’s wife. Remember her? One glance back and BOOM! A pillar of salt. that story both mystified and terrorized me as a child. I imagined her features crystallized into a white statue that  caused her family to cry out in utter horror. The angel had been right about the warning, and the threat was now a promise that did not even allow her the dignity to close her gaping mouth caught in midscream. She had known, as her limbs hardened and the air was pushed out of her lungs, she knew.

There are times when God speaks to us. His directions are clear. His purpose direct. He expects obedience.  Sometimes He may tell you to stop it. Step away from sparkly captivating thing that has your attention.  Leave it alone and follow close to Me.

Sometimes He instructs you to speak truth, warning you in advance it will not be received. That is of no consequence to you. Obey now, open your mouth and speak truth.

Sometimes He tells you to keep going. This is not the time to rest. You have eternity to rest. For now, in My strength put one foot in front of the other and do the thing, just do  the thing.

Sometimes, like today, he tells his child, like me, to look forward. He whispers a warning into my ear, “Don’t you dare look back”. And I swallow hard. I breathe deep and with every bit of strength I have I look forward. I won’t let my mind think about the what ifs or what was.  I know that to follow Him to new places I must look forward.  I realize that looking back does not allow for new growth, but instead leaves a salty bitter taste in my mouth.  I set my face like a flint. I reach up and a firm, warm, encompassing hand takes mine. I feel the certainty and comfort of a nailprint surround my hand. I find that as I focus on Him, He begins to point out wonders and beauties that pale in comparison to the places I have been.  I won’t look back because everything I left was nothing compared to where He is taking me.

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