Please strike this from your vocabulary

I have reached the limit for passive acceptance of the following phrases in conversation. They are not merely phrases that one uses to express a thought. They are gateways to stupidity, selfishness, ignorance, or poor child rearing techniques.  Please refrain from using them in my presence any longer, or I will be forced to forgo societal niceties and call you out for what you really mean, and are apparently to cowardly to actually say.

1)”…whatever….” Clearly you  are not apathetic about  the point you are attempting to make, instead you have a small vocabulary, and your frustration is showing your ignorance. 

2)”I think……..” If this phrase is used prior to you expounding on some sort of spiritual decision you have come to through your vast expertise in Godly wisdom that must come from reading Guideposts, because we both know you haven’t cracked open a Bible since the Sunday School three weeks ago, save it. I’m pretty sure your spiritual take on the situation is tainted by the fact that you think Joel Osteen was one of the original twelve.  Read up on the topic  via Blue Letter Bible, and scrounge up at least on Old Testament verse to back you up. Otherwise if you haven’t read your Bible in a month, no need to tell anyone, we probably have picked up on it, thus negating what “you think” as having any spiritual weight whatsoever.

3)”Maybe it’s just me….” yeah, it probably is you, but no one has the heart to tell you that your viewpoint is toxic, negative and could suck the life out of a room in 10 seconds flat.

4)” All I know is….” OK, well if that is ALL you know, keep it to yourself because it is obviously only part of the story and your half a story is coloring my perspective.  Your are probably not off the hook just because it’s “All you know….” and furthermore, if that’s all you know, keep it you need it for later especially if that’s “all you know”

5)” I just don’t get anything out of the sermon” or it’s sister variation “I’m not getting fed”  What you really mean to say is that you think church is all about you. Reality check. If you have a relationship with Jesus you should be full of Jesus when you get here and it should be about the glorification of God in worship, not you “being fed”. Good grief!  The pastor is not a short order cook to feed you. Grow up in Jesus and serve others for a change.

5)” I’m sorry, but…”  wait, stop…. that first part? I’m sorry? Yeah, that’s all we needed to hear. If you are sorry we don’t really need to hear the justification part. No need to explain why you  thought or acted the way you did. It’s much simpler for all of us if you just apologize and move on. No explanation needed…or wanted.

6)” I feel so much better since I got that off my chest” I’m glad you feel better because now, after that confessional, I feel much worse. Now I have an entirely negative viewpoint of that person you just raked over the coals, or even worse, I now have no respect for you after you unloaded your baggage in my lap.

In the words of Jesus…let your yes be yes and your no be no. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Truth is, we know what you are really saying anyways.



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