Monday, Monday

That title made me  think of the Beatles….which in turn made me think of my baby sis, Liz who just happens to love the Beatles.  That in turn made me remember that me and the girls are headed to her house on Saturday to see my absolutely precious twin nieces, Rose and Kate turn 1!Image n

And that disconjointed thought pattern describes my Monday, Monday exactly.

It started out in a horrible fashion. There is nothing like a lousy text to put you in a foul state of mind first thing in the morning. From there, I ran for the first time in weeks. At the gym. On the treadmill. See the pattern?  Things are not getting better. From the gym, I showered and sat in  ladies room, texting another friend, which in turn made me cry.

See the pattern? It’s not getting much better.

From there, I saw patients nonstop for the next eight hours, realized  that I forgot my lunch, rummaged around in the breakroom fridge and found moldy spaghetti and a brown banana. I opted for an overpriced container of hummus and broken pretzels instead and had to beg a quarter off my coworker to buy a Diet Coke.

See the pattern? Things are not getting any better.

At this point, I figured I could  pull it together and salvage the remains of this pitiful Monday, or just coast on downhill. I chose to coast, and here I sit….grumpy…alone, well the cat is here but he doesn’t really count.

I could go spend a little time in bed with a good book, or even the Word to bring some perspective, but I think I have wallowed so long today there is no reversal at 9pm.

So I am going to bed, thankful that mercies are new in the morning. Thankful that tomorrow I can start all over. Thankful that my perception of this day, doesn’t have to stay my reality.


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