Finding your sweet spot


There’s a beautiful place in life called the Sweet Spot. It is individual for every person, but no less sweet for one than another.  This is the moment in time when you realize that you are most happy, most aware of yourself, and the possibilities of who you can become, when you are in this moment.  It is exhilarating.

This is my nephew, Clinton. He runs. It is his sweet spot. Last week, he ran a mile in 4:39. Incredible!  If you know nothing about running, let me tell you, that is very impressive.  I run a mile in 9 minutes when I am in good shape.

The beauty of the sweet spot is that when you find that place, you know it.  You have worked hard to get there, or it may have just come naturally to you. Either way, no one tells you that you have arrived. You just know.

Clint, living in your sweet spot sets you apart from everyone else who wishes, but never works for it.  You look like you were born to run. Own your sweet spot, it’s a beautiful sight from here.

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