Press On

My greatest fear is to wake up on my 70th birthday and realize that I am the same exact woman I am today…and was at at 30…..or….. 18.

What if ,at 70, I still think of others in the same petty way/ What if at 70, I have not learned to lay down besetting sins that now characterize my life….a worrier…..short- tempered……bossy……a controller?

How sad if , at 70, I were to only then realize the walk of freedom Christ has ordained for me?  What if it is then, that I realize God had so much more in mind for me? Peace, joy, kingdom effectiveness, and I missed it because I refused to change?

What if, at 70, I see the image of Christ? What if now I were to take the words of Paul in Phillippiains 3:12-14 and made them my own words?

“…..not that I am now made perfect……..but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ took hold of me….forget what is behind…..strain towards what is in front of me…..I press on……towards the prize…..”

What if the prize is also the lack of regrets at 70? What if instead of trying to change my flaws I simply learn to “press on” into Christ and let Him change me?

Press on……

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