early morning rain

As I write this my feet are still wet from the early morning rain.  It is gentle, so light you cannot see it but when I walked out in the dark morning air, I feel it mist my face and arms.  I know that this rain will not be enough to soak the thirsty roots of my newly planted blueberry bushes,yet enough rain that my potted tomatoes open their faces upward and spread their green little arms wide. I stop and by the light of the porch, enjoy their morning sprawl.

A steady stream of water will be needed to really nourish these beauties, and like a new mama with her baby, I make sure they are fed on schedule. But sometimes, a light misty spring rain is enough to make you feel alive.

Some days, I am soaked with a stream of the Word. It floods the dry parts of my soul and without that lifegiving nourishment, the cares and temptations to make life about “me” would all but shrivel me.

But some mornings, like today, it is a gentle spring mist that opens up my arms wide to embrace a life-giving God.  Today, it is a simple Word, “I loved you before you ever knew Me.”  That cool spray opens my heart on a early spring morning.  I let the mist settle on my soul. I ponder the thought that I am loved by a busy, multitasking, yet never hurried God. He controls events in the Middle East, but cares about my unspoken fears.

The mist of His love opens my heart to Him and I unfurl a small song offering to His name. I finish my watering, for just like me, they cannot sustain on a mist alone. Their roots need a steady supply. But this early morning, we both lift our faces to God and thank Him for a loving mist. And I with my voice, and them with their leafy green arms declare…

“….I’m coming back to the heart of worship….it’s all about You….all about You, Jesus.”


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