I’ve been waiting……

Since that cold January morning when I decided to take my coffee on the deck wrapped in “Fleecey” ( do you think it’s strange that we nickname EVERYTHING in this house, even the fleece blanket that Wayne and I fight over ever night?)I have been waiting to start my tomato garden.   It was cold and everything was dead and dreary.  I decided that morning that if I can knit a pair of socks, I could grow a tomatoes when spring came.

And I’ve been waiting…..

reading posts and info from The Urban Gardner

rounding up containers of every shape and size

working on my mini compost pile

and so today I decided that the fear of frost may be over and we plant tomatoes. I will spend a few hours on my deck creating a little container garden and imagining myself to be a “real gardener”.  I will  enjoy the feel of dirt between my fingers and smile when I think of going to all this trouble for a tomato.

Those of us who are “real gardeners”, “real runner” or even “real bloggers” know that the joy is found, not so much in the end, but in the journey.

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  1. Steve Seiberg

    Love this post!

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