It’s just my therapy

When someone mentions they read my blog, or asks me about a particular post I usually smile and tell them “it’s my therapy”. I have discovered that many people don’t understand that statement, or worse falsely believe that they do not need therapy. Someone even said to me this week , “Why do you think you need therapy? You seem pretty normal.” I’m not sure if I laughed more at the fact they think I am in any way normal, or the fact that they think a “normal” person has no need if any type of therapy.
Having gone through some counseling during a particularly dark time in my life, I have learned the value of tending to my emotional and mental health. The longer I live, the more I meet people who could really use a type of mental and emotional housekeeping.
While I am becoming aware that sharing my hurt feelings or need to forgive on a public forum like a blog may not be the best therapy, my heart sometimes longs to set free those prisoners who seem to ignore the chains around their own ankles.

So how does writing out thoughts and feelings help to organize and examine the validity of what is tumbling around in your mind? I never found much use for journaling until so many thoughts crowded my mind I had difficulty determining truth. At first, I clumsily stumbled through basic thoughts I scratched out on paper. Day after day of writing out what was going on inside my head, evolved into a realization I that I was looking forward to my now daily habit of writing out my morning conversation with God.

God has used the process of journaling to heal my mind, to strengthen my relationship with Him, and to share my thoughts in a way that brings order to my ADD.

There is alot of value in the thoughts that are bumping around in your mind. There are some things that are blatant lies yet you seem to believe them as truth. Writing that down, the transfer of those thoughts from the mind to paper, has a powerful effect.

Just be careful when you blog. Not every thought and feeling belongs in the public domain. Readers tend to wear guilt and concern over purposefully vague posts. Not everyone agrees with what you post, and will be quick to tell you. However, you must remember that the purpose of your journaling is an exercise in therapy for your mind, your emotions.

So dear Reader, don’t fear that you have offended me when I blog about my hurt feelings. I am not angry at you when I blog about forgiveness. I am practicing the art of self expression that has proven to focus my thoughts and bring clarity to jumbled emotions. Mostly, it helps me to stop, notice and appreciate the mundane activities called life.


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