The 7:47 principle

The next time you struggle with forgiveness, I invite you to use the 7:47 principle.  Luke 7:47 shares a beautiful principle that always puts my mind in focus on forgiving others.

Speaking of a young woman who was anointing his feet with her most precious possession, an expensive  perfume….think about it…dirty feet receiving her most prized possession, Christ declares:

“I tell you, her sins– and they are many— have been forgiven so she has shown me much love. But a person who has forgiven little shows only little love.”

The 7:47 principle states that when you are fully aware of the tremendous gift you have received in the forgiveness of God, through salvation, you are free to show extravagant love to others.  When you find it difficult to show love, you have no understanding of the magnificent love God has displayed for you.

Today I asked many of my friends, whose spiritual opinions I respect to tell me their thoughts on forgiveness. Here is what they told me about forgiveness:

…forgiving someone who has hurt us requires God’s help but He understands our humanity. Unforgiveness puts up a wall between us and God. …the hardest people to forgive are the ones who don’t think they need it.

…..the key to living a life of forgiveness is when we can forgive without “being right” or “justified”. If we carry our hurts we are limiting the work we can do for the Lord. In order to serve to our greatest potential our baggage must be minimal.

…..I try to put myself in the offenders place, that generally leads me to compassion for me. Even the most horrendous criminals have a story. Don’t we all?

…..Forgiveness is not a work by which we earn God’s forgiveness. It flows from a heart satisfied with the mercy of God and the cancellation of our own 100 trillion-dollar debt.

…….This is something I struggle with alot…I try to avoid the situation so I can avoid the anger, but I have never really thought about the fact that this could be a separating factor from God.

….The truth is this: in forgiving the healing begins, ultimately it is me who receives the mercy.  Ah! a full circle.

…….we try to justify ourselves too much.  We are to forgive just as God, through Christ Jesus, has forgiven us.

….I have to fight the victim mentality, poor me syndrome, but when I am walking in humility I am not as easily offended.

…..We want God to forgive us but find it hard to do ourselves. When true forgiveness is given, unconditionally, mercy triumphs.

Thanks friends for teaching me a little more about forgiveness. We all would do well to live out the 7:47 principle.


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