Snippets of my Favorite Easter

a full moon that smiles on me as I head out, coffee in hand to sun rise service. I am by myself, and strangely, am glad for these quiet moments of solitude where I worship in a dark world, completely by myself.

“How Great Thou Art”  as pink and orange ribbons unfurl across the pearly gray morning sky. When I hear my voice singing, ..”then sings my soul”… the birds are chirping and singing so loud it is almost deafening, as if they knew today was the special celebration day for their Father.

My little songbird, whose voice is as clear and pure as mountain stream,  takes worship hour in hand and with her brother, delivers a message of hope about the Avalanche and Aftermath of God’s  love.

Sitting next to  my girls, honestly can’t remember the last time I did in worship, and listened to God, through Andy, my pastor, as he told me that there is hope for a new start, for old demons and for eternal life through Jesus.

Bald baby heads,  ringlets on little girls, and new dresses.

Jokes about my lopsided strawberry cake, and a picnic by the lake on a cloudless sunny day.  I walk hand in hand with my love, and listen to my two little loves as they laugh behind us.  We walk up trails and stop for a picture to keep to remind us that this is an abundant life.

A nap next to my baby dog. She snores and I do too, while The Masters plays softly in the background.  I don’t care about golf, but I like to watch Wayne snooze while it plays.

We will walk and enjoy this last remanet of the brilliant spring sun and I will sing a phrase that has been bumping around in my head all day,

“Now I know, You’re with me….now I know You’re here with me. Now I know your love will light the way.”

In the words of my dear friend Lauren…I am

“blessed beyond belief.”



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