Ouch! You are standing on my feelings

Is anything quite so tender as the raw pain that comes with hurt feelings? Just like a torn cuticle, or sandspur to the tender barefoot in the beginning of summer, is the pain that comes with hurt feelings.  Often times we can blink back tears and swallow hard, after all, I am usually oversensitive to a careless comment or misplaced word.

But other times, the hurt runs deeper. Like a gash from a careless hand in the knife drawer, or the finger throbbing from the head of a hammer, the pain refuses to be ignored.  More than a look, or a careless word, sometimes we are hurt by the ones we least expect.  The pain, whether intentional or not, reverberates throughout us and refuses to be quieted without direct  attention.

The problem is that I seldom know what to do with a hurt feeling.  Leave it to me to blow a hurt feeling into a full on cardiac arrest.  Knowing how to soothe yourself when someone has stepped on your feelings can be the best healing balm .  While most of us ignore the gash to our feelings, or insist on telling the painful details to whomever will listen, we fail to react in proportion to the wound.

So tonight, as I beat out my steps on my evening walk, with tears forming in my eyes, yet willing them not to spill, I decided to let feelings be feelings.  The hurt may have been intentional, but my reaction need not be.

So I proceeded to tell Him all about my hurt. He listened, without interruption while I poured out the whole sorry mess. I showed Him the places that hurt, and the relayed the words like a hornets sting that caused the pain.

He was not content to merely chide me for my frustration and anger that made a bad situation worse, but He loved me.  He came along beside me, put His loving arms around me and told me that He would not, could not ever stop loving me.  He asked me to show Him, to tell Him where the words pained me the most, and I did with tears now slipping down my face. He whispered, “I’m really all you need”

So the hurt lost some of its sting, and my heart is in better shape. I will not walk on in anger rehearsing the wrong. He has it and along with my tears, He saves it in a tender place known only to the two of us.  It’s His to keep now.


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  1. Gretchen

    Love you dear friend…thank you for your words which I read often! You are truly missed!!!

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