We spent spring break like we always do: camping. There is nothing quite so wonderful as spring break in my camper.  The weather is usually perfect, as it was this weekend. High in the low to mid 80’s, nights cool enough to wear a long sleeves, no pollen, a lake, and plenty of great food. I came prepared this year with a great book, “The Red Tent” which did not disappoint.

For noncampers, it is often hard to understand why people want to run to the woods for leisure. Others think, camping is alot of hard work that is mistaken for “relaxation”.

For me, camping is a close to heaven as I can get on this earth. Yes, I would use the word “heavenly” to describe the last few days here at Richard B. Russell:

Early morning run, with the sun streaming through trees and as far as I can see trees, trails, no cars to dodge, no dogs to outrun, no lawnmowers buzzing. Just me, Toby Mac and God’s beauty for miles….heavenly.

Old friends…the Halls, not so far from where we are came to share the day with us. W e talked and laughed. Andy and I talked  books, and doctrine and even the problems with baptismal regeneration……heavenly.

Wayne and I driving the Parker boys to the  store for an ice cream. They shove each other, laugh and fight, and I see Wayne look in the rearview mirror and smile.  He loves wild little boys, and will make the best Pawpaw ever.  We fill them up with ice cream, gum and candy. I collect hugs and kisses and hours later we leave the sticky, wild bunch of them with their mom and dad, and walk hand in hand back to our quiet little camper….heavenly.

Chris P. pulls out the stops and makes  a pork roast that literally melts in your mouth. Everyone brings a pot of something good and the table overflows with “camping food” and we eat until we lean back, bellies full, with a contented sigh.  We listen to the boys run down by the lake and shriek when they catch a fish. We  watch the sun set out over the lake, and breathe in the beauty you would miss inside a Holiday Inn…..heavenly.

Wayne leaves early this morning to turkey hunt with the men, and Baby Girl crawls in my bed with me.Wayne has left the air on high, and we snuggle under the blankets, I pull her close and smell her sweet head and we drift off to sleep for a few more hours…..heavenly.

No texts, twitters, or Facebook, for cell service is terrible. We enjoy each other for days, and no one picks up a cell phone. What seems urgent in the real world can wait for a few days, we are camping…..and it is heavenly.



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  1. Steven Seiberg

    Sounds well, heavenly! wish i was camping;)

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