Tonight was my first run/walk following the marathon from hell.  After last Sunday’s 5:54 ( my pride will not allow me to round up to 6) I gave myself a full 2 weeks off of running. Time off does alot to erase bad memories and before you know it, you are toying with the idea of a fall run.   The next day you are looking at dates for the fall Rock N Roll marathon, and by that afternoon your favorite running partner has emailed you the link and told you to hurry up and register before the price goes up.

I did carry two significant decisions away from this race: 1) I will never run another marathon at my current weight.  My goal is to be down 30lbs in November when I run Savannah, and 2) I want to run a 5K barefoot in 2013. Thanks to barefoot man, I am beginning to see that running never gets boring, always another goal to work towards.

So combining goals one and two, I decided to take  a short barefoot walk at dusk and enjoy the last few minutes of a lovely spring evening.  I am trying to stay on the grass with short breaks on the road when its nice and clear. I can tell you that the evolution from a heel striker to a forefront striker is not going to be easy.  It feel so odd, so foreign. And so after my barefoot walk, I decide to try and run a little on the soft green grass and it is magic. My feet seem to strike exactly as they were meant to and I realize that it is because my stride is shorter and my feet are landing under me instead of in front. I am encouraged.

So as I soak in the tub I realize that I am thinking of things like calorie intake, toes without nails, and a barefoot 5K. I tell myself, ‘You have absolutely no sense.”  but I know that if you never dream, you never achieve.  I know that I CAN will someday become I DID.


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