Let the Worshippers Arise

Sunday morning, historically, is the day of worship for believers in Jesus. That is changing in our 24/7 culture.  Tomorrows generation has discovered that worship can happen anytime anywhere. Unlike those of us steeped in tradition, they have discovered the value of Tuesday night, Saturday morning and even midnight worship.

The beauty of a love relationship with a living God is that He accepts and wants our worship anytime, anyplace.  We somehow mistakenly  relegate Him to a “Sunday morning only” experience, and frown on those who do not readily join us in our man-made traditions.

Last night, in the backyard of a dear friend, surrounded by brothers and sisters we had a worship service the likes of which I have not seen in a long time.  A new believer, with eye shining began to tell us of his new-found love for Jesus. Stopping ever so often to search for the right “church words” he explained how his life has changed in a  matter of weeks, how he longs to know more about God, and how he loves his new family.  His brother and sisters listened, smiled, some had tears, and others shared with him their own struggles, so he knew he was not alone. 

What God whispered to me was this, “Stephanie, don’t think that worship is something for a church sanctuary with hymns and suits and ties. True worshippers come to Me with a longing to know My truths in a deeper way. They worship me with their whole hearts.” (John 4:22-24)

This morning at my church that I love so much, I will worship.  When I look around, I will see many people who only understand worship in the context of a sanctuary.  They want an ordered service, a hymn and a man with a suit to deliver a 30 minute message from the Bible, preferably about a topic they have already mastered so that they will not feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  They will frown at announcements wondering why they are called on to do so much.  They will mentally critique every song and every word.  They will leave early and once in the car think , “I didn’t get much from that message.”

And all the while they think they are true worshippers.

God free me from the bondage of a Pharisee worship experience. Take me to the most unconventional time and place and teach me to worship You in spirit and in truth.


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