When Baby Girl was little she had the sweetest word she used whenever she dropped her babydoll, her cup or when she fell down, “Oopsey”.

She said it in the sweetest, softest voice.  I can still remember her sweet blond curls bouncing as she fell with a thud and landed on her bottom and then declared with a soft grunt, “Oopsey, I fell down.”

“Oopsey” is not heard as frequently around our house, but not becausee there are no “oops”.  As adults, and children that are practically adults, we have learned to explain away our errors. Sometimes we blame, sometimes we get mad, at ourselves, but yell at the nearest person. Sometimes we cry when things go wrong.

“Oopsey” is never intentional.  We don’t make plans to wreak havoc. We don’t try and hurt others. It is never a plan for something to break.  Most of the time it amounts to carelessness.  Sometimes it is because we are in a rush, not paying attention, or too many other things on our mind.

The problem is, “Ooopsey” can hurt.  Me and others, and “sorry’ can seem very inadequate.  “Oopsey” a childish term, seems inappropriate.  Then you must simply depend on the goodness of others to stoop over and help you wipe up the spilled milk.  Forgiveness is never so sweet as when it is extended to you.

“Oopsey”…. it will happen to you, and when it does, stop and wipe up the milk. 

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