All the makings of a perfect Saturday

Slept late…..all the way to 8:30… and the Mister.

Made a good ole southern breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits, scoot over Paula Deen.

Opened up every window in the house and let the spring breeze air out everything.

Rode to town with the Mister and Baby Girl. Closed my eyes while I rode shotgun in his big old loud truck and let the sunshine warm my face.

Smelled the scent of fresh-cut grass, and rocked back and forth on my swing that the Mister managed to salvage. Gotta love a handyman.

Spent the evening  enjoying some of my most favorite people in this world…my lifegroup. Talked about God, His great creative power, and ate Coca Cola cake. Laughed and prayed, love “doing life” with these people who love God.

Got a text from a friend that told me of a HUGE victory in their life! Smiling as I type this because God answering prayer is a reality in my life. He is real, He hears and answers. He cares.

Oh, and there is nothing more perfect than a brilliant spring day in Putnam County. Just ask this sweet little puppy dog, she played outside all day.



2 thoughts on “All the makings of a perfect Saturday

  1. I Just love you and waynesgirls! ya’ll are very special;) as well, as the rest of our Lifegroup ! enjoyed the wonderful fellowship together. and learning more about God and all his creation. Praise Him Always and forever….

  2. Hmmm…obviously your account of this “perfect Saturday” was written before your unforgiveable irresponsible click!!! 🙂 Either that or, like me, you see the glass half full and that’s ok too!!!

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