In case your mama never told you….

…..No one owes you anything. Quit acting entitled.

……Leggings are not pants. Please cover up, we don’t want to look at that mess.

…….Don’t treat your man like a child. You’re his lover, not his mother.

……A woman who curses, or smokes is  unattractive. A drunk woman is pathetic.

……People in this world are dying of cancer. All you have is a cold, suck it up!

…….Chew with your mouth closed.

…….If they will gossip TO you, they are gossiping ABOUT you.

…….You want it? Make it happen!

……..Life’s not fair, for that you should be thankful.

……..No one loves you as much as she does, not now, not ever.



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2 responses to “In case your mama never told you….

  1. Steven Seiberg

    Stephanie, you go girl! tell it like it is, Love this Stuff! keep it coming, ok? byeeeeee;)

  2. John Herring

    Wow I said about 4 of those today. The funniest one was I was eating lunch downtown and saw a woman smoking and I told my buddy that was just as bad as hearing a woman cuss.

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