Plan A

You are not God’s plan B. He is God, and He only has plan A. You are living it right now.

If you are  making your way through some consequences of really bad decisions, God has not “run back to the drawing board” to recreate an alternative ending to your story.

If your marriage has fallen apart around you, God does not watch and guess who will make the next move. He knew you would be sitting here, yes right here, this very minute when He created the stars.

If your best laid plans seem a jumbled mess, strewn across the neighborhood for all to see, God is not embarrassed by your mistakes. He is not finished with you.  He is going to make you more like His Son, if it is the last thing He does in your life.

If you have defiantly disobeyed His voice, He did not think, “Now what do I do with her? She never listens to Me.” He does not hurriedly rewrite the ending of my story as if to punish me for my folly.

God has invested the ultimate, Jesus, to see my life  journey end the way He has written it in His books. There is great comfort in knowing that Our God Reigns. There is relief in the heart of this woman, made of dust, to know that my power to control my destiny is no power at all, but is dependant for it’s very breath from the Blessed Creator.

Never surprised, or shocked. Eternally patient and forgiving. But tonight, as I think about the fact that I am His plan A, I am overwhelmed that He thinks of me at all.

Relentlessly pursuing me, as if capturing my heart is a great prize. And it is, for it is the glory of His Son.

These thoughts let me lay down and sleep. I am secure on a Sunday night, in knowing that He is keeping me, for His glory.


One thought on “Plan A

  1. Without a Single doubt! He is Our Heavenly Father, Creator, and Our Savior! and We are his creation, designed to bring HIM ALL the Honor & Glory!

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