I’m OK with that

The plan was to meet Leah at 6am and log our last long run….16 miles, but at 5:30 there was a mighty torrent outside and we cancelled until tomorrow…….and I’m OK with that. I stuff down that anxiety that tries to surface over my need to log some more runs before March 18th. 

The plan was to  spend the day with The Mister. We were going to get a jump on the 1,001 tasks that never seem to end around this house. He is gone all morning to a meeting and it’s pouring rain.  I sit here with my third cup of coffee, watching Paula Deen make macaroni and cheese on Foodnetwork…….and I’m OK with that.

The plan was to bank enough calories to enjoy a big Buffburger tonight, (can you actually run that many calories?) but I have a feeling we will stay in and study for a psychology midterm. I am growing fond of things like validity, reliability, experimental groups and such….and I’m OK with that.

Sometimes the best way to be OK  is to let the day  unfold. So I pack up my plans and expectations.We will let the day be what it wants. I’m just along for the ride…..and I’m OK with that.


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